CE marking is placed on each of our products. It is the manufacturer's declaration on the product's compliance with the requirements of EU directives regarding safe use, health and environmental protection as well as defining hazards that must be identified and eliminated by the manufacturer. Using the CE marking on the product, the manufacturer declares that this product is not dangerous for human health and that it is not harmful for the environment.


Execution Class EXC3
This execution class comprises structural elements or load-bearing structures primarily subject to static loads and occasionally to dynamic loads, made of steel with the strength class of up to S700.

What does the CE marking on the product mean?

  • When issuing the declaration of conformity, we guarantee to our Customers that our product is safe. A potential Customer choosing between two similar products – one without the CE marking and the other with the CE marking – will choose the second one, because it is safer and meets the requirements of all regulations and standards.
  • Using the CE marking means that the company is stable and that the quality of its products and services is guaranteed.
  • Free movement of goods. Obtaining the certification permitted us to broaden our market coverage by free marketing of our structures throughout the European Union.
  • Confirmation of compliance with legal provisions


On 22 May 2014, a certification audit confirming compliance with the requirements of  EN 1090 EXC 3 standard was conducted at BEST-POL S.A. The positive result of this audit allows us to use the CE marking on our products.