BEST-POL S.A. produces steel structures for tent, warehouse and production halls. These steel structures were designed in accordance with Eurocodes, in compliance with PN-EN 1990 and PN-EN 1991 standards. The hall structure design is composed of a technical description (including statistical calculations) and a set of the hall's structural drawings including the foundation.
The company implemented a certified welding quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2 (TÜV Rh 01 202 PL/A-14 0870), a certified system of Factory Production Control in accordance with EN 1090-1 (TÜV Rh 0035-CPR-1090-1.00636-TÜVRh.2014.001) and a welding certificate compliant with EN 1090-2 (TÜVRh-EN1090-2.00592.2014.001). These certificates permit the company to use CE marking on the steel structures and issue European Declarations of Conformity.
We have our own design and construction department and graphic design department at our disposal. We use the most advanced programs for designing 3D steel structures. Our management staff, engineers and steel structural fitters are very experienced. Thanks to an efficient organization of the construction process, we can meet even the most demanding needs of each customer.