EU funds gave us a great opportunity to develop and broaden the range of products offered by us. Thanks to them, we have increased our competitiveness and improved the quality of our products. The project consisted in the purchase of modern machines and equipment and launching the production of new and improved HF welded PVC products. We were able to carry out an investment which allowed us to additionally equip 3 main departments of the company with modern machines and equipment:

  • Equipping the PVC Department:
    • FIAB CUTTER for cutting technical materials,
    • LEISTER automatic heat sealer,
    • manual heat sealer.
  • Equipping the Steel Elements Department:
    • BESTER MAGSTER 380 welder with reductor, feeder and cable,
    • plasma cutter.
  • Equipping the production and sales area with IT infrastructure:
    • industrial printer,
    • SolidWorks software,
    • computers,
    • copier.

The investment has also permitted the company to improve the group of products manufactured to date, i.e. tarpaulin covers, tents, hall covering and steel structures. We could do it primarily thanks to acquiring heat sealers (manual and automatic). Thanks to these purchases, the quality of seals in the PVC Department has considerably improved. The automatic sealer has temperature and working speed monitors, which certainly improves the time of heat sealing and – what is most important – its quality. This equipment enables the production of the final product in a precise and fast way, which translates into its final evaluation.

With the purchase of the new FIAB cutter, BEST-POL can offer a completely new service, which enables efficient processing of large-format materials (even up to 3m wide and 50m long). This service is an innovation in Poland. Additionally, the purchases of the welder and the plasma cutter have improved the work in the Steel Elements Department, where the steel structures of tent halls are produced. The plasma cutter can be used in production processes, for workshop and maintenance works and as a separate element cuttingo service offered to external companies. The advantages of this cutter are its low weight and size as well as fluent regulation of cutting parameters enabling high quality of material cutting. Additionally, the purchase of subsequent SolidWorks licences has allowed us to improve the product preparation process in our company. It permits to prepare precise drawings and designs, which can be transferred to steel elements and other PVC materials.

The main purpose of the project was to maintain the dynamic development of BEST-POL based on the implementation of innovative technologies, products and services and – this way – to increase the competitiveness of our company.


The implementation of this project has yielded many positive effects, such as:

  • gaining new customers;
  • implementing a new information flow organization in connection with using high-end ICT technologies in the production process;
  • increasing the company's income thanks to increasing the number of orders;
  • increasing the company's production capacity – the investment allowed our company to expand and upgrade our machine fleet;
  • ensuring the highest quality of products and services;
  • reducing the costs of our activity – thanks to their technical parameters, the new machines and equipment have allowed us to increase the number of products manufactured per time unit.


What is more, we could considerably reduce the quantity of waste and improve the consumption of materials.