BEST-POL offers you the possibility of financing your investments by leasing tent halls. The lease of tent halls will allow you to finance the construction of a tent hall without the necessity to have all funds at your disposal. Such a form of financing increases the possibilities of fast growth of your company and the expansion of your activity. The lease of tent halls is an interesting form of financing such an investment. Your own funds can be reduced to the minimum and the lease period can also be adapted to your needs. We collaborate with several financial institutions providing this kind of services, which allows you to have services tailored to your individual needs. In short, we would like to invite you to use the lease option.


Tent hall lease offer:

  • financing in PLN and EUR;
  • financing based on a fixed interest rate (lease rates remain the same during the whole lease period for PLN financing; lease rate changes for financing in other currencies result only from exchange differences);
  • financing based on a variable interest rate (variable value of lease rates depending on fluctuations of interest rates on the interbank market, e.g. WIBOR 1M, EURIBOR 1M, compared with the level of the base rate as at the date of signing the lease agreement);
  • lease period up to 60 months;
  • initial fee from 10% to 45%;
  • equal, descending, seasonal rates;
  • advantageous financing terms;
  • comprehensive insurance;
  • required documents reduced to the necessary minimum;
  • fast lease decision.


Two lease options are available:

  1. operational lease,
  2. financial lease.


Advantages of the lease of tent halls

  • Lower tax expenses – the lease rate constitutes tax deductible expenses and decreases the value of tax basis.
  • Shorter depreciation and amortization period in comparison with traditionally constructed halls.
  • Improved cash flows – the entrepreneur does not need to use his own financial means to buy fixed assets and free funds can be used for other purposes.
  • Flexible repayment of the lease – depending on the profile of the company's activity, the lease rate repayment terms can be tailored to business needs.
  • Lease rates do not encumber the property to the same degree as a purchase or a credit.
  • Lease rates are repaid from current earnings related to the operation of the leased asset.


We would like to cordially invite you to take advantage of the lease of tent halls, warehouse halls, tents, exhibition halls, event halls, sports halls and all products offered by BEST-POL.