In order to meet you expectations, BEST-POL S.A. – a manufacturer of tent halls, steel and aluminium structures – offers also halls for short- and long-term rental. Hall rental has been very popular in recent years both among companies and individual customers. Such a high popularity of hall rental is related to numerous possibilities of application, e.g. for different celebrations and integration parties, banquets, sports events, as warehouses, catering establishments, etc.


Hall rental includes:

  • delivery,
  • assembly,
  • servicing,
  • disassembly.


Tent hall rental is a perfect solution in a situation when the facility has to be placed on a ground that does not belong to you or in case of occasional or seasonal activities.


Advantages of rental:

  • financial liquidity,
  • no need of taking a loan,
  • after the rental period has expired, the contract can be prolonged or the hall can be bought,
  • flexible offer (warehouse, sports, event halls adapted to your expectations),
  • precise budget planning and predictability of costs – fixed and monthly rental rates will allow you to plan your expenses in an easy and precise way.